Be More Dog


Cats and dogs are very different animals. Cats can be aloof, lazy and coldly indifferent to the world. Dogs, on the other hand, love everything. Slippers – amazing. Socks – amazing. Everything… amazing. And dogs are right. The world is amazing. So we’re encouraging the country to be less cat and more dog.

At conference on Friday George Couros @gcouros – Principal of Change share his thoughts and experiences with embracing and integrating technology into his class, school and life. Many of his items he talked about resonated with me because frankly that is how I live my life. For me technology has to be more than fancy add-on or a mandate from a afar but a way to connect with our classrooms. If you visit my twitter @dabbey from that day you will see some quotes from the day that I felt tweet worthy but the one message I want to share with everyone is the message from the quote above which George shared in the form of an awesome video. The video Be More Dog is a calling for use to not only embrace change and technology but to actually enjoy it. He uses the personality of dogs and cats as a contrast to make his point:



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