The Power of Parents



Recently, Superintendent Nesbitt and I have made a two year commitment to make the topic of parent engagement a standing item with our Secondary School Principal’s Family of Schools meetings. While we have made this a 2 year commitment to start our first few meetings have involved a discussion of what is Parent Engagement. What does it look like when done well? I think we all seem to agree that it is more than counting heads at your parent council meetings. For engagement to be taking place it means parents actively play a part in their kids learning. So often this seems to decrease almost immediately from high levels at elementary the day the child starts secondary school. The solution to this is not an easy one but is one well worth exploring and we are committed to explore this in depth with our school leaders.

I was inspired to share my initial thoughts today in my blog after reading George Couros recent blog post Five Ideas to Bring Parents into the Learning Process. This is a great article that looks at a few outside the box ways that schools can connect and bring parents into the partnership with high schools. Hopefully this will get some of your thoughts on the topic legs. I would love to hear how secondary schools and boards across North America are engaging parents.


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