GEDSB Education Technology Year 4 Kicks Off


I am really excited to see the first training for our Secondary English Teachers and our grade 3 & 4 Elementary Teachers kick off yesterday at the JBLC. Lynda Kilpatrick (Teacher Consultant) and her team supported by members of our IT department distributed Dell Windows 8 Tablets, keyboards and stylus to all the teachers in attendance.WP_000139.jpg

Moving from netbooks to Windows Tablets has opened up some possibilities for expanding the instructional repertoire of our teachers. While the first session is about getting the hardware to teachers the new year will involve netbooks, white boards, interactive projectors and other tools being deployed to the classrooms and an opportunity for further professional development.

Emotions of the teachers ranged from excitement to trepidation but the team did their best to allay fears. The word is out to schools and students as my daughter said to me at dinner how come the little kids get tablets. Grace has been in an infused grade every year since this started last year and now in grade 8 she will have to wait until she gets into her English class in high school.

My favourite glitch of the day was the “QWERTZ” keyboards. Yes. 5 of the keyboards were designed and shipped with Z & Y flipped. Anyone know if there are standard keyboards somewhere with that form or is that simply just a manufacturing oops. Love to hear if anyone know anything about that.


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