Local School X-mas Traditions: Integrating Technology And Pop Culture



Yesterday was the last day of classes because today is a PD day (Unpaid for Teachers in Ontario).  On the last days of classes before Christmas it is not uncommon for schools to celebrate in a variety of ways.  Christmas concerts, special Breakfast, fundraisers for people in need and last day Assemblies.

Yesterday as Superintendent I was invited for Senior’s Breakfast and North Park in the morning.  At this event tradition that has been going on for more years than anyone can remember the teachers and graduating students dress in PJ, and other festive red and green garb and from 8 am to 9 am enjoy breakfast together.  The teachers served the students French toast, omelettes, bacon, sausage, fruit and juice.  What a great way to create a family atmosphere in the school.  Of course all the while this was going on there was a healthy serving of technology in the form of mixed yuletide tunes.

My second invite was to Pauline Johnson CVS just down the road for the Christmas Assembly in the afternoon.  Again another tradition that packed the school cafetorium with students interested in watching skits from senior classmen, gifted classes, drama classes, as well as media arts projects comprising of videos that rivalled anything you would see on MTV.  It is truly amazing how these students mix clips from cultural media with clips from school class and teachers.  Highlighting many aspects of the art including bluescreen technology.  Something that is really enjoyable was the use of the webservice jibjab.  If you have not seen this or used it check it out. http://www.jibjab.com/holidays Nothing is funnier than uploading a few pictures to one of the canned templates on jibjab and then watching the faces as they them comically dance around the screen to Christmas songs..


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