An Educational Technology Resolution for 2014?


As the 2013 year comes to an end and 2014 starts up I think many of us set a few goals for the upcoming years.  Maybe to shed a few Xmas pounds, exercise regularly or maybe just to keep in touch with friends or family on a more regular basis. As educators and leaders I think it is worthwhile to use this opportunity to set a few Educational technology goals.  Let’s find ways to integrate into our practice or thinking new technology, practices or social media to better support our schools and own personal practices.  

In our board we are in the 4th year of a 5 year technology infusion so many of our staff and students are becoming quite adept at their use of technology for learning.  It is my hope that 2014 brings to the forefront technological practices that don’t just add technology onto old practices but integrate and extend technology reinvents more meaningful connected learning for our students.  For example many of our classes have interactive whiteboards and projectors but if this technology is used only to display traditional notes and right on like a chalk boards we have have spent too much money on technology and fallen way short of capabilities and potential of these technologies.  It is one of my resolutions to support our teachers in finding ways to move from traditional practices to effective practices that use technology to engage, inspire and promote learning in 2014.  Social and other forms of technological media can create opportunities for students to learn not just from the teacher but from each other and from students all over the world.  Let’s open up learning for these Ontario Canada students. I am truly inspired by the work of the teachers involved with the Education Technology Initiative over the past three years and I believe that year 4 will bring a critical mass to change in our board.


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