Audio Program – Twitter? Frankly I don’t Give a Tweet


H2H- A Quick Guide to Leading educators and Making a Difference is an online radio program that explore “Heart to Heart” conversations on leadership with host Holly Elissa Bruno. Guest and topics explore exceptional insight, extraordinary wisdom and practical solutions to the challenges of being a leader. Click on audio button beside program #11.

11. Twitter? Frankly I don’t Give a Tweet

ReleasedMar 26, 2013

Twitter has become a popular tool among many education leaders who say it’s invaluable on many levels. Yet many education leaders are not connected to this vibrant community. In this segment our guests make the case for why you should give a twit about Twitter. Steven Weber is the principal at Hillsborough Elementary School located in Hillsborough, NC. George Couros, Principal at Forest Green School and creator and author of the “Connected Principals” collaborative. Jo-Ann Spence has been the Executive Director of Lowell Day Nursery for 25 years, taught for 10 years, on the Advisory Board of Middlesex Community College and the Early Ed. Dept. of the Vocational School and National Director of the year and Bammy Award winning Director of the Year. Nancy Blair is a school improvement consultant who frequently worked with the High Schools That Work and Making Middle Grades Work initiatives.


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