School Visits in Haldimand Elementary Schools Highlights


Today I was in the southeastern region of our board visiting schools to see how our Education Technology Initiative is being implemented.  What an awesome day as I saw teachers not just using infused computers, whiteboards and projectors but also some interesting and innovative ways to engage and teach their students.


In this Grade 1 class students are working with an interactive whiteboard that projects on the ground.  Teachers were also using document cameras to edit and take up work.

One teacher shared with my a cool way to make BYOD come alive in class. Smoothairboard is reaching out and engaging her students.  She shared this youtube clip with me in an email later in the day to demonstrate the capabilities

“My students have loved sharing their answers and working collaboratively from multiple devices.  Building a
joint mind map on Smart Ideas using this program is a neat application.”

Additionally this teacher is introducing her students to the world of coding recommending. and  for computer coding.  I have used both of these applications to teach the basics of computer program, while developing problem solving and creativity.

Awesome day and thank you Students, Teachers and Principal’s at Rainham PS, JL Michener, and Thompson Creek in the Grand Erie District School Board.


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