Leadership 3.0


Leadership 3.0 (formerly Leadership 2.0) is a professional learning community that will help school principals use Web 2.0 tools to be an innovative leader, help teachers grow professionally, improve student learning, and improve communications with all stakeholders.

In a series of free webinars, live chats, and online discussions, you’ll learn how free social media tools can help you:

  • Expand your personal network with your principal peers.
  • Help teachers engage in free online professional development.
  • Motivate students by integrating technology into learning.
  • Connect with parents and the community.
  • Get practical how-to advice on how to get started and which tools to use.
  • Learn how to support the responsible use of social media in school.

Leadership 3.0 is a place where you can post questions, start discussions, and get feedback from other principals on the issues and challenges you face in adopting these 21st century technology tools.

If you want to join this great online community register for EdWeb and join this community goto:



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