Guardian Article – Technology in education: If Students are not Worried Why are Teachers?


On Monday March 10th online article of the Guardian Edward Lawless gives some compelling insights into the use of technology in classrooms. Interestingly to notes,

“No matter what the conditions may be – online or face-to-face – the quality of the educational experience depends on the integrity of the curriculum, the teacher and the learning community.

He notes that the centre of the debate for teachers apprehension centers on concerns about

 what would happen to “authentic teaching”, whether online learning could really offer “meaningful activity” and “true engagement”, and if social media could provide “real interaction”. Then, of course, there was concern about what would become of “the human element” in a virtual classroom.

In the rest this article the author points to the driving change in the way internet and social media drive learning in our students worlds and challenges us and provides the reader with good idea of why we need to change and what it needs to look like to address the current and future needs of the students as learners.

After you read the article please feel free to leave a comment or ideas on how you feel about the ideas presented.


One thought on “Guardian Article – Technology in education: If Students are not Worried Why are Teachers?

  1. I like Lawless’ comments about how he’s seen online courses where virtual teachers bring meaningful engagement and a “human element” to their students around the world AND has also seen F2F traditional classrooms with “live” teachers automating instruction where education is the mere transfer of content. Heading into the online world of education sometimes does take a leap of faith into a giant mass of unknown territory but the learning potential provided for students is equally large. Lawless says, near the end of his article, “As teachers, our role must change to one that enables, guides, personalizes and embraces digital technology as a fundamental part of student learning.” I couldn’t agree more.

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