Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback


In Ontario we have a Teacher performance appraisal that is completed with either a Satisfactory or Unsatsifactory.  This is an interesting discussion surrounding feedback for teachers on instruction. I would be interested in peoples thoughts on this.


2 thoughts on “Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback

  1. Lindsay Williams

    Bill G is right on! He understand that there needs to be an financial investment in teacher feedback and that teachers need to be to manage the process. His presentation of information was respectful of the important role teachers have in our communities.

  2. Greg Woodcroft

    Interesting video. I think it is critical to keep the theme of appraisal or performance separate from reflective growth. Professional growth and capacity building can only take place in a risk free environment where the principal and teachers participate as co-learners. Recently one of our teachers participating in a PLT commented, “this process is about teaching not teachers”. This really demonstrates how important it is to create a risk free environment. An environment where we can review the impact of our teaching strategies and their impact on students. We were talking about the impact of a specific EBIS and how it impacted her students and if there were protocols or structures that could create greater student activity. Terrific conversation, allowing us to focus on the professional skills of teachers. In a way, the PLT is similar to Assessment For and As. The TPA or performance review is similar to Assessment OF. The heart of improvement lies in Assessment For and As. Great topic for all schools.

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