Technology Giving You Challenges – How do Adults Learn Better?


One of the things that our infusion of Educational Technology in to Grand Erie has shown me is that we have been able to cope with the technology as hardware piece pretty well but one area that we have struggled with and continue to struggle with is varied sizes of learning curves with our teachers.  One thing that is for certain in the world of educational technologies is it is constantly changing and those who believe like my dad that you need to read the manual cover to cover before you plug it in may find that manual has changed before you even start.  This is a fact of the medium.   It is my observation that many of our teachers role with the punches and use the technology the best they can no matter what they are very adaptive in their learning and strategies while there are some who shut down never to try again once step three in the procedure does not work exactly as it said it should.  The unfortunate thing with the later situation is that person by not struggling though never gets to really experience some of the great stuff that the technology can bring to their practice and learners.  I know that my staff work hard to reduce the amount of times that things do not work as they are suppose to but it is almost impossible to eliminate a glitch now and then a small change in network, software or human behaviours have an impact even on the simplest of processes.

I thought I would focus on the topic of learning and learning technology over the next week or so.


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