Are MOOCs – massive open online courses – the future of education?


MOOC is one of the ugliest acronyms. A four letter word that represents for FREE online courses.
Anybody can take a course for free from the worlds best professors.  This article from an Australian News source and the video accompanying it are share this huge movement in education.  Learning for learning what a concept!

Last August, Diccon Close went back to university, enrolling in an esoteric-sounding course called “Maps and the Geospatial Revolution” from Pennsylvania State University in the US. It was the first proper study Close, 49, had done since he passed his economics degree in the 1980s and he was pleased with himself when he gained a distinction. To do the five-week course, Close didn’t have to fly to the States or turn up to a campus. He completed it on his laptop in moments etched out from his frantic schedule while living and working in Sydney. His cohort consisted of 48,000 people from 150 countries and they were all connected through chat rooms and social media. For all he knows, he might have had a classmate living around the corner. Best of all, it didn’t cost him a cent.


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