Why Do Teens Hate School?


In a recent tweet by Eric Scheninger I came across a blog post and video by a student who attends Eric’s school, New Milford High School.  The video Let’s Make Some Good Art by New Milford High School student Sarah Almeda is such an excellent example of Info tech meeting engagement and learning.

The Article which is worth a read explores Sarah’s thoughts on student engagement and is really inspirational for us as educators.


Also worth watching is Sarah’s afterword on her project and video.


Sarah “Shmarah” Almeda is a 15-year-old tuba-playing work-in-progress that likes to make cool things! She hopes to make cool things for the rest of her life, such as video games, fruit dogs, and brownies with hidden Oreos inside. Snazzy hats, smiles, and encouraging teachers are among her favorite things. She goes to New Milford High School (that’s New Jersey, not Connecticut) and you can find her on Twitter @tehshmarah.

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