What should a 21st Century classroom look like?


Interestingly when our students were asked to draw pictures of what their classrooms of the future should look like we saw some consistent patterns.

Absent from the pictures were rows of desks in rows, teacher desks at the front and backboards front and centre.  What was consistently evident in almost all the pictures were groups of student working together.  The teachers were interacting but no leading the learning.  This drew an interesting parallel to what we see in our Kindergarten classrooms.  What a radical thought?  what if we structured our classrooms at all levels to maximize connectivity both electronic and face to face.  Change the flow of knowledge and the learning so that it is not just about the teachers controlling all the learning.  On of the posters that students shared at the day had this quote below.

“Just because you are not in class doesn’t mean you can’t learn”

Very profound.






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