Success of Teaching to Teachers, Using Demonstration Classrooms to Improve Pedagogy and Practice


Considering for next year exploring Demonstration classrooms as part of NTIP and Ed Tech. This is a great article of the experience that Lynda Kilpatrick shared with me.

I was asked to lead a demonstration classroom to 8 other teachers within my school board.  I was nervous at first, as I knew I was going to be one of the newest and youngest teachers there (which turns out I was).  I was also very excited to share some of the ideas I have tested and receive feedback.

The session was called Incorporating Literacy & STSE to Engage Digital Learners.  I firmly believe a great way to engage applied students in science is to pose a problem that is relevant to them.  We started off by watching the trailer to the documentary called H2Oil ( , and then an ad from  Cenovus Energy, a company wanting to extract oil from Alberta Oil Sands ( .  I had the students write on an oil drop if they believed we should remove the oil from Alberta and sell it…

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