Animoto – a great slideshow utility


Ok…so maybe I am too much into my job as this past weekend I was surfing channels and I came across this Tech show highlighting all sorts of tech tools.  So unable to change the channel I watched the whole show and learned about a  really great website called Animoto.

Animoto let’s you bring in your photos and videos and create with templates really cool video slideshows.  It is free to use to create 30 s videos but to expand to 10 minutes videos you will need to pay $5.   To be honest it works so well I think it is totally worth the $5.  But you can get this also for free through the educator plan for 4 months.(Link Below)

To give you a short taste I made this short video of a few pictures I tool of fathers day.

Father’s Day 2014

As Summer fast approaches and I am making plans to travel I am thinking this might be a really great way to share my videos and pictures when I get back.


Check it out.


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