Mobility Management is becoming High Priority of Many boards


Grand Erie like many school boards has had a huge influx of devices into schools.  We are a BYOD board with carts and teacher device (tablets and netbooks + a few ipads in spec ed classes).  Many boards across the province and North America are moving to open up access to the wealth of learning found on the internet and one thing that is for certain is that there is no turning back.  Pedagogy, instruction,  and infrastructure are playing catch up as we see the growth in mobile devices.  I personally see this as a good problem and we are lucky in Grand Erie to have the support of our trustees as we journey deeper into the world of technology.  I recently read a few articles that made me think how are challenges in Grand Erie are not isolated.


People are coming up with creative solutions and the pubic and private sector are starting to realize as mentioned in these articles that the educational world is a unique technology environment. Bring a 1000 people into starbucks to access the internet and see what happens.  Maybe have 1/4 of them stream some Youtube to make it even more interesting.  I am guessing connectivity and bandwidth would be at a premium there.  This is what our schools and board deal with daily and as the articles point out providing resources for daily education is no small task.


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