Webinar – Personalizing Instruction With 1-to-1 and Blended Learning


Join us for the next EdTech Innovators webinar!

Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time Personalizing Instruction With 1-to-1 and Blended Learning  Presented by Rich Boettner, Chief Technology Officer, Hilliard City Schools, OH

In This Session This past school year, Hilliard City Schools in Ohio convened a technology task force to decide what direction the district should move in. In this webinar, Chief Technology Office Rich Boettner will detail how various stakeholders built a shared vision for the future of the district, which involved combining a 1-to-1 rollout with blended learning. He will share the task force’s determination of the seven characteristics of the ideal blended learning environment, and will detail how he uses data assessment software and social media to keep the entire project on track and energized.

To Participate in the Live Session – This webinar will be recorded and archived in this community for viewing at anytime. – As a member of the EdTech Innovators community, pre-registration is not required. – Login at www.instantpresenter.com/edweb23 at the scheduled time. – Test your system for best quality: www.instantpresenter.com/systemtest

About the Presenter Rich Boettner is the Chief Technology Officer at Hilliard City Schools (OH). He has been involved in education for 23 years, having started his career as a music teacher.

This program is presented by THE Journal and hosted by Chris Piehler, Executive Editor.

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