Nick Bontis Advise for #SMARTBRANTFORD


On Tuesday I was privileged to attend a session at the Sanderson Centre featuring Nick Bontis who spoke on the Information Bomardment.  What a great speaker.  She was both entertaining with his limitless energy and gave us some really great food for thought.  He gave us a list of action items at the end of the session which I thought I would share with you as leaders.

Top 5 Action Items for back to work

1. Raise awareness about knowledge era and information bombardment challenges

Action: Leadership behaviours are emulated (conduct receiver analysis)

2. Treat training as an investment not a cost

Action: Leaders benchmark $ T&D / FTE, embrace concept of “RE”

3. Embrace socialization opportunities and talent management

Action: Implement universal entry & exit interviews (3rd party, alumni network)

4. Accelerate your knowledge absorption rate (

Action: speed reading test (“Fun Stuff” Password: 123  goal = 200 wpm)

5. Be mindful of technology tools that can make you work smarter

Action: Leaders reduce search costs, use alerts (


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