Grand Erie Learning Commons Presentation



Last night at our February Board meeting Jeff Dumoulin (Ed Tech Teacher Consultant), Cynthia Gozzard (Delhi PS – Teacher)and Kate Johnson-McGregor (BCI -Teacher) presented the trustees with an awesome overview of what a learning commons. The two librarian’s talked to the idea of Learning Commons and shared a very cool SWAY,

Learning Commons is a departure from the traditional understanding of the role of the school library. The transition to Library Learning Commons is a whole school approach, presenting exciting opportunities for learning multiple literacies and collaboration among teachers, teacher-librarians and students. Within the Learning Commons model, inquiry, project/problem-based learning experiences & MakerSpaces are designed as catalysts for intellectual engagement with information, ideas, thinking, and dialogue. Important components of the Learning Commons space include Physical & Virtual Space, Equitable Access, Learning Partnerships, and Technology to support learning.

Learn more about a Learning Commons in Grand Erie: