Podcasts: Education and Entertainment in Car



Big shout out to Jennifer Gonzalez and her blog “Cult of Pedagogy” https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/ .  If you haven’t visited the site it is worth a good look by anyone looking to reflect and improve their practice.  Recently, Teacher Consultant Jeff Dumoulin, shared with me that Gonzalez also hosts a podcast. Her podcast by the same name Cult of Pedagogy has allowed me to tune into some great ideas for teachers while I drive to and from work.  The podcasts are available from her site or can also be found on itunes.

While your on itunes subscribing to the cult of pedagogy podcast I might suggest you check out a few podcasts that are less educational but very entertaining.


First one you need to listen to if you want to call yourself a true podcast fan is “Serial” https://serialpodcast.org/season-one  Once you finish that one and you are hooked then you need to listen to “Undisclosed” Season 1 http://undisclosed-podcast.com/

Two others that I like are Some Knows Something and a new one called Hollywood and Crime.

I really like it when an episode is about 30 minutes long so that I can listen too completion on a trip to work or trip home from work.

If you have any good suggestions feel free to comment or tweet me the name.



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