Reddit – A fantastic way to follow Information on Topics of Interest



A few weeks ago my nephew Alex who is in 3rd year of an Electrical Engineering program at Niagara College came for a visit.  Alex is the perfect example of a hands on modern learner.  He voraciously scours You-tube and Reddit for new learning, jokes and interesting facts.  Now I know if you are like me you likely are thinking.  “Ok, I have heard of Youtube but what the heck is Reddit”.  If you know what Reddit is you are well ahead of me because I just learned of this great tool that blends information searching with social conversations and sharing.

I have always been amazed at the amazing details and current understanding that Alex has on a wide variety of topics.  For instance Alex asked for a “Sous vide immersion heater” for Christmas and now is cooking gourmet meals for us with precision accuracy. Where does a 21 year old boy discover Sous vide cooking?  Reddit of course!

So now that I have a “Sous vide immerion cooker” of my own I have started to use Reddit to follow news and stay current on education, politics and other topics that I am interested in.  Reddit is awesome but one suggestion I have for anyone who wants to use it is to download the app on your portable device (phone, ipad, tablet) because the website is very cluttered and not near as user friendly at the ios app.


Just to get an idea of the number of reddits topics that are collecting readers and covering topics in education I have shared a list below for your enjoyment.

General education subreddits:

  • /r/Education: A place to discuss the news and politics of education.
  • /r/EducationReform: A place to share and discuss news about education reform efforts.
  • /r/EdPsych: A place to discuss cognitive and developmental psychology, learning, pedagogy, motivation, institutions of learning, applications to curriculum and specific lessons, and special education.
  • /r/EdTech: A place to share news and sites related to educational technology
  • /r/Teachers: A place to discuss the practice of teaching, receive support from fellow teachers, and gain insight into the teaching profession.
  • /r/Teaching: A place for teachers to comment and debate about teaching methods, resources, tools, and issues whether they be controversial or typical.

Teaching resources:

  • /r/CuriousVideos: A repository of free online educational videos, 3-20 minutes in length
  • /r/OpenEd/: A place to discuss open educational resources (OERs), including free lectures, courses, course materials, and textbooks.
  • /r/TeachingResources: A great place to share and discover teaching resources, such as demos, blogs, simulations, and visual aids.

Subject-specific education subreddits:

  • /r/AdultEducation: A place for adult educators to discuss tips and tricks to engaging an adult audience.
  • /r/ArtEd: A place for art educators to discuss the importance of art education and to share and collaborate on resources.
  • /r/CSEducation: A place for computer science educators and education researchers.
  • /r/ECEProfessionals: A place for early childhood educators to learn, grow, and contribute as professionals.
  • /r/ELATeachers: A place for English teachers to share ideas and lessons and to brainstorm and collaborate on new curriculum.
  • /r/HigherEducation: A place to discuss and share articles related to higher education.
  • /r/HistoryTeachers: A place to discuss and share resources for history educators.
  • /r/LiberalArts: A place to discuss general liberal arts education.
  • /r/MathEducation: A place to discuss and share resources for math educators.
  • /r/ScienceTeachers: A place for science educators to collaborate on and contribute tips, ideas, labs, and curricula.
  • /r/SpecialEd: Where special education teachers can discuss and share resources related to the education of students with special needs.
  • /r/TEFL: Discussion of teaching English to speakers of other languages.

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