Schools are now in the cloud



The cloud and O365 is changing the today’s classrooms.  Our Ed Tech team has been working with teachers for 5 years now and promoting the use of cloud based applications like Onenote.  As I make my visits to elementary and secondary schools this spring it has become obvious that despite past challenges with our network and bandwidth teachers and students are using cloud based technologies to change how our classes look and feel.

Devices provided by the board and brought into today’s classes are used regularly to deliver lessons, curriculum.  Collaborate with others and create critical learners.

In early days of the digital revolution I can remember hearing teachers saying that their chalk never failed them.  And yes the challenge of connectivity seemed to support this thinking but now as the bandwidth in schools expands this thinking is really selling our students short.  I am pleased that the majority of classes I have visited recently have teachers dropping the chalk in exchange for digital and cloud technologies.  With OneNote which is shared through the cloud students are able to access learning materials outside the classroom and with student learning environments like Brightspace content and learning become self directed.

Connecting and collaborating are so much easier with the variety of apps and software applications that once again use cloud and internet to support learning.  Students are no longer recepticals to stuff with new knowledge but are interacting, evaluating and becoming critical assessors of information from websites and experts all over the world.

As we continue to move forward with evolving technologies and cloud based tools one thing is certain is we need to as educators not just replace chalk based lessons with digital ones but we need to look at how to teach our students to create, innovate and expand out critical thinking skills.

Brings us back to the focus on 21st Century Competencies that I discussed in other blogs.


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