Professionally Speaking – Promoting the use of Digital Tools


I have noticed that the Professional Magazine for the Ontario College of Teachers is really hoping on board with the use of digital learning resources both for certification of teachers and for use in the classroom.  In the most recent issue the magazine promotes some twitter members for learning, Arts in the classroom, shares e-learning courses for educators, and even the blue pages shares a social media case.  I like the way they present the case to allow us as the reader to judge the outcome.

Below are the Arts Apps highlighted in the March edition of Professionally Speaking:

ANIMATE IT! free trial! Software + camera + clay figures = movie magic! Introduce stop-motion animation with this intuitive app from Aardman, the Oscar-winning studio. Keep it short, sweet and simple for younger students, or push your older students’ creative limits by exploring the built-in editing tools and scenery options. Grade: K to 12 Visit:

MUSICNOTES Present students with sheet music for Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” or Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and you’re sure to generate some serious enthusiasm. An eclectic database of more than 300,000 arrangements (for multiple instruments) means there’s something to suit nearly every musical taste. Grade: K to 12 Visit:

ARTRAGE Break out every tool without breaking your art budget. With ArtRage, students can experiment using virtual ink, watercolour, oil paint and more — all with realistic effects. Plus, it’s easy to co-ordinate group projects and share work online. Bonus: No messes to clean or supply closets to restock. Grade: K to 12 Visit:

SKETCHUP free trial! Challenge: Design an ideal home, or maybe an environmentally friendly school. With SketchUp — intuitive software developed for design professionals — students use a little math and a lot of imagination to create 3D objects that can be pushed, pulled and rotated. It’s engineering that’s both practical and fun. Grade: K to 12 Visit:

PIXTON free trial! From the drama of Dr. Strange to the silliness of Captain Underpants, comics appeal to a wide range of students. With Pixton, you can assign your class the thrilling job of creating their own comic strips. The site lets them choose characters, costumes, settings, action and dialogue, frame by frame. Grade: K to 12 Visit:

SCIENCE OF MUSIC free! Why do our singing voices sound so good in the shower? Students can discover these answers to chin-stroking, music-related questions here, plus muck around with a variety of sounds: mix stomps, claps or the musicality of household items. It’s the how, the why and the ‘cool!’ of musical learning. Grade: 6 to 12 Visit:

CLASSICS FOR KIDS free! Tap into classroom-friendly classical compositions (such as Peter and the Wolf), podcasts and lesson plans perfect for your elementary-level musicians. There’s even an instant classical composer page in the Games section, where students drag notes onto a blank staff, then hit play to hear their creations. Grade: K to 5 Visit:

DESTINATION MODERN ART free! If a field trip to a Manhattan museum is a hair outside the budget, consider clicking on Destination Modern Art. This site lets children direct animated creatures on a virtual tour of the MoMA. Point-and-click narration explores an art centre, Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians, the Wassily Chair and plenty

( , p. 21)


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