Student Crews Helping New Teachers Develop Confidence with Technology


What a great synergy I saw yesterday at JBLC.  Our New Teacher (NTIP) teachers were at the last of four induction sessions today learning about education technology, assessment and reporting.  Typical to an Ed Tech sessions the teachers were working through stations with DLL’s and our Ed Tech team learning about D2L, Onenote, SWAY and other technology tools.  What was different today was that there were students with the highly recognizable Student Crew t-shirts working hand in hand with the New Teachers.  The students were so professional and patient with those participating.



True Life: I’m an English Teacher


This is a great project put together by some English teachers from Wisconsin USA.  Gives anyone thinking of going into the profession a great perspective of the role. Very candid comments made which reveal the great relationships teachers forge with students. Would be very interesting to see what a similar project in our board would look like. I would hope we would see technology, learning goals and success criteria something that I noticed were missing in these classrooms.

I am very interested in others observations on this video in terms of teaching and learning.