10 Social Media Competencies for Teachers




Article: Is Your School Leadership Style… Outdated?


If you are in to educational technology and currently using twitter it is highly likely you are following Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) from the US.  He is at the forefront of school leaders who promote the use of technology in their schools.

Eric Sheninger has a new book Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times being released this month that promises to push the envelop as well.  In the mean time to you can get yourself ready for the book by reading this article on the topic.


Teaching in Australia, US and France


Ever wonder about education and teaching in other countries.  I was lucky enough to have spent a few summers teaching in China which I would recommend to anyone if they get the chance.  Many similarities in terms of teachers but definitely way more differences.  Things like posting student names and scores which would never happen in Canada are commonplace in China where high ranking student’s futures are dependent on how well they do compared to all other students.

I came across this blog with a description of 3 teacher’s work experiences in Australia, US, and France.  A very interesting article worth reading <click here for article>.

Please post any of your experiences of teaching in other settings or countries.  I am very interested to hear from you.

What is a MOOC?


MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses.  In some ways this is the best example of being a Lifelong Learner.  Check out this video to create greater understanding about what MOOC is.

School Visit: Independent Learning Time with Interactive White Board


Friday I was out visiting schools in our district seeing how deeply embedded our Educational Technology Initiative was embedded in the classroom practice.  While I saw varying degrees of implementation at the three schools I visited which I think can be attributed to some of the challenges of wifi connectivity the schools have been experiencing.  At my last school I visited I was blown away by the Early Kindergarten Class.  Many activity centres but by far the most popular was the Interactive White Board Centre.  At that centre I found two girls practicing writing letters on the board.  The gizmo they were using randomly generating a letter on the board which the two girls were able to practice tracing and drawing.  They were totally engaged in the activity much like the two boys in this youtube video I found with a similar Independent Learning Centre.

Many thanks to the Principals and Staff at Branlyn, Centennial Grand Woodlands, and Central Public School in Brantford Ontario for letting me visit their school and classrooms on Friday.

What the Heck is Web 2.0 Anyway?


You might be hearing a lot about Web 2.0.  For my father who is closing on 80 years of age he uses his computer for email and googling information but now in 2014 we know that the power of social media and technology has driven us into this weird beast called Web 2.0.  Want a simple way to think about it check out this short video.