Finland Schools Undergoing Major Reforms



Recently come across and article on Educational reforms in Finland which I found very interesting.

It appears that Finland schools are eliminating the subject based teaching model to look at a more integrated approach to learning. Finland’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. In international ratings, it’s always in the top ten.  They seem to be recognizing the importance of 21st Century Competencies.  The Finnish are looking at breaking with the traditional subject based model in exchange for finding learning through making meaningful connections, promoting self learning, collaboration and other 21st Century skills.

It will be very interesting to follow the progress of this change and to see how it impacts the Finnish education rankings. Kudos to the teachers and Finnish system for not resting on laurels and looking to shake up an already excellent system.

For an interesting article on Finland’s success on the PISA see the article below it becomes clear why the country is comfortable with the move away from subject teaching:

Three reasons for Finlands high PISA scores

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